An up-to-date collection of my work. Some of these pieces are available as A4 prints and greeting cards on my Etsy.

I am available for commission work and to make customised pieces. If you would like any ideas or requests, send me an email at

Ngor Island, Sengeal

This collection is inspired my trip to Senegal. I made a soft yet colourful palette for this to capture the feeling of peace and tranquillity.

There is such an incredible surfing community in Senegal, it is a must visit destination for any ocean lovers.

Playa de Cofete, Fuerteventura

Inspired by a hidden beach called Playa de Cofete in Fuerteventura. It had such a unique landscape, and was where I bore witness to the most breathtaking moon rise I had ever seen.

These illustrations are my first practise of creating my own colour palette. I wanted to capture the three different stages of day – midday sun, full moon at night and the pink sky at sunset.

The Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne

From my home town and one of my favourite places in the world. These line drawings are made using photos I took when I went back home.

Landscape in Colour

These are my illustrations based on colour palettes I created for each landscape.

I wanted a minimalist style to make the colours stand out.

Oxford High Street

I love the combination of pinks and greens in this building.

Old Spitalfields Market, London

A colourful illustration of an artisan doughnut display at Spitalfields Market.

Doughnuts by Donovan’s Bakehouse.

Radcliffe Camera at Night, Oxford

Designed to capture the feeling of walking through Radcliffe Square at night which is, in my opinion, the best time to see the Radcliffe Camera.

It reminds me of my evenings walking home after a late shift in the restaurant where I worked.

I would have just had the most crazy shift and then when I get into Radcliffe Square, all the stress melted away. I felt safe in the dark, under the stars and surrounded by the ‘Dreaming Spires’.

Reclaiming our Bodies

Different to my usual theme of travel and nature. This collection was inspired by my mission to reclaim my body.

To take it back from the world that tells me, what I can do with it and when. From a society that tells me when it looks good, when its to be perceived as sexual, what I should shave, cover and hide.

I made it in the style of line drawings because I wanted to the focus to be on the message.